Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I followed my gps to ckc Manchester new Hampshire from Hollis Maine. I always worry with the gps that it's going to get me lost but it didn't. I drove around for half an hour looking for a vacant spot in a parking garage. I finally called ckc and they connected me to the garage and they told me where to park. I wish I had done that first. When I got there I didn't really know where but I followed the crowd and found my way. I checked in at the volunteer desk and got all my volunteer goodies. I went to ckc booth and spent my volunteer $30 there first and half off a shirt. I only spent $7 for tons of stuff. I got a couple kits and some books. Next I headed to my volunteer 4 hour shift. You don't get to choose who u get to volunteer but boy was I lucky because I got the S.E.I. classes! I have been wanting to check out the sei stuff. I didn't get any of the class materials but I did get to learn new techniques and help out others. I had so much fun volunteering!!! I think I will sign up to volunteer all day next year! I took the fabulous flower technique class and I really didn't care for it. It was mostly about the I-Top tool. I had only half an hour to go to the vendor faire. I was really upset that there was nothing from cricut. I needed new mats and I wanted to get them there. There were so many booths to look at and so many super duper sales!!!! I was in heavean for half an hour. The long walk to my car was aweful because I had so much stuff I was carrying on my back and hands.

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