Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love halloween!

Hi everyone! Just checking in to show off my super cool hair. I will post another when i get my makeup done.

My new cricut cake

I bought myself a christmas present from michaels for $150.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink circle challenge

I have a photo in mind to place in the placeholder. I used pink ribbon across bottom of page which I sewed onto page making pleats. I added pink gems along the ribbon using irock. Also there is a pink sentiment and a pink scallop heart and circle, and also a pink tag in a pocket with a pink ribbon. I am going to place a picture of one of my girls on here cause they are always making wishes for their futures. I am crossing my fingers for at least the journey cartridge cause cancer has touched many people in my life. Three of whom are very close to me: my son and my aunt and uncle. It seems like cancer victims are popping up everywhere especially in my loved ones. They continue to fight this disease and are my inspiration!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've moved again....

....just kidding just my scrapbook supplies have moved. I have spent more time moving my scrapbook stuff around than I have actually scrapbooked. This is the fifth time in two years I have moved my scrapbook area. I had all my stuff upstairs in my dining room, but now I moved it downstairs where it will hopefully stay. My step-son and step-daughter and her two kids moved out this week. There is a lot less for me to do now so I will be scrapbooking more. I want to start making holiday decorations and cards. I also want to start selling on ebay again some of my premade scrapbook pages. My ebay user name is geminihg77. It is autumn here in southern Maine and the leaves have changed colors very fast. There is the most beautiful tree across the street that I see out my window and it is the most beautiful shade of orange and yellow. We have had a few chilly days here and I've started my woodstove twice because of it. Tis the season to snuggle!