Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink circle challenge

I have a photo in mind to place in the placeholder. I used pink ribbon across bottom of page which I sewed onto page making pleats. I added pink gems along the ribbon using irock. Also there is a pink sentiment and a pink scallop heart and circle, and also a pink tag in a pocket with a pink ribbon. I am going to place a picture of one of my girls on here cause they are always making wishes for their futures. I am crossing my fingers for at least the journey cartridge cause cancer has touched many people in my life. Three of whom are very close to me: my son and my aunt and uncle. It seems like cancer victims are popping up everywhere especially in my loved ones. They continue to fight this disease and are my inspiration!!

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Audrey Frelx said...

What a pretty layout!!!

Yes, I don't think there are many families who do not have a loved one without cancer in their family! It is such a sad thing, and it's an illness that takes a toll on the patient and the relative(s). My prayers are with all the families as with my own.