Friday, June 18, 2010

cricut circle

I just wanted you to know that I did splurge and join the cricut circle at $275. I like the mystery of it all kinda like christmas with all the unknowns and the unknown future cartridges. Also my husband let me join. So I have a few conditions to abide by and here they are: no using credit card, no buying carts, no more buying paper. I think I can hold back for a while maybe 3-4 months before I feel the need to get a new thing. But by then my next cartridge will be coming from the circle. I think I am going to do awesome following this. I have tons and tons of product piling up and not being used. I am addicted to shopping for scrapbooking supplies. Maybe the circle will help me focus on making pages instead of shopping for a future project supplies. I really do need to use all this great product that I have acquired. Unless something screams at me to buy it--I am on a shopping ban.

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