Monday, May 31, 2010

Homemade glimmermist flowers

Here are a few of my glimmermist flowers. One is my first try at a
grunge flower.

Shimmer mist ingredients

I am so happy with how easy this was and how good it came out. Now I
am going to use these on every project.

Happy spraying,


Homemade shimmer mist

I did some research on how to make homemade shimmer mist and this is
what I came up with. I was going to use small travel size hairspray to
make my mist in but I came across this spray hand sanitizer and I
thought this would work the same as hairspray plus it has a wicked
cool spritz to it. I also got hairspray to make others. I made my
green mist in the green hand sanitizer bottle and it worked so good.
All I did was pour out a little bit of the sanitizer so there was room
to put a little bit of metallic acrylic paint and little bit of
perfect pearls in. Shake vigorously before spraying onto project.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fathers day card

I cut my own card 8x6. I matted with hot off the press cobblestone
7.5x5.5. Scallop and circle with mini monograms, scallop line at
bottom with planting sb, designer calendar for "dads day", paper pups
for award, plantin for #1. Piece of ribbon across top of scallop line at bottom of card.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cart prices

Walmart has lowered the price of their cricut cartridges dramatically.
I may actually buy from walmart now. The prices I saw were 10, 30, and

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moms cookies

I downloaded a cookie box gypsy file from someone a while ago. I
finally used it for the cookies I made the other day to give to my mom
for her birthday.

Moms cookies

Monday, May 24, 2010

My new cartridge

I preordered the new Cindy loo cartridge from I should get it in a few weeks. I went to ACMoore on Saturday and I couldn't believe that they had the brand new cartridges in stock....for $89.00!! I ordered mine shipping and all for $45.00. I think I'd rather pay less and wait a week or two.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yummy cookies

I have been in a cake and cookie making mood lately. Here's some
cookies I made and decorated them a few days ago. It took me hours and
hours to make them but I got some good practice. **I'm thinking where
r all the bake sales when you need 'em* My family is getting so sick
of all the sweets. I just want to make the stuff for some decorating

Bday card for my mom

Didn't these pictures come out so nicely. I love the new overhead
light in my scrap corner. I made this card for my moms bday on
Tuesday. I am planning to make her a cake with fondant and gumpaste. I
will post a pic if I do. I made this card using the just because cards cartridge.

Bday card for my mom

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The fifth new cartridge!!!'s Toy Story!!! Wow this is so exciting I am going to go check out the pix.

Happy scrapping!


Hello thursday!!!

Today is the day provocraft announces the new cricut cartridges. Out of the five new ones,I like the Cindy loo one the best!! I will definitely get this one. I love everything on it. The other cartridges that are new are: mini monsters, freshly picked, ?wall decor, and the other one at has straight from the nest but I don't think that's the 5th one unless it's not exclusive to HSN anymore. I will definitely update when I find out more info.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

3D castle gypsy file

There are 7 pages total. To do the three color combination like I did:

Color A= page 1,2,5,6
Color B= page 3,4
Color C= page 7

3D princess castle roof assemble video finally!!

This is the part that I had the hardest time with so I thought I would share this with all of you. Just a warning before you watch it--I sound terrible. I had a head cold at the time. Also, I am an amateur videograper so please be nice when leaving comments.

castle pictures

Okay the video I did while making it came out great except i forgot to turn on my microphone so the whole video has no audio. I ended up taking pictures from the video to add here.

When I started looking for directions on how to make this castle I came across this blog cricut butterflies and she made the castle. It is beautiful. There weren't any really solid directions for me to work with. Just that it can be done!
So I began by looking at the book that came with the cartridge. I was totally lost! I looked at it for almost an hour to try to make sense of anything. So I finally figured out that I am only going to be working with 2 keys. The last 2 keys on the overlay or gypsy overlay. I will refer to these keys as 49 and 50.

So I then looked at the directions at the end of the booklet and studied how to put this thing together. I just couldn't understand where all these parts were coming from. I was trying to figure out which key did which piece to the castle. I still haven't and solid info on that. Once I cut the pieces I didn't keep track of which specific cut it was. I just went to town and started piecing it together.

So I figured out that you only need keys 49 and 50 to make this whole castle. You only need 7 total cuts. Okay keep up with me I will try to explain this the best way I can. Okay first 4 cuts will be key 49 and 50, shift and non shift, no features selected. Then select feature 1. Here's the next 3 cuts. No shift Key 49, Shift keys 49 and 50. There's all seven cuts needed for this castle. I used my gypsy for this project. Now the problem with using gypsy is you need to keep all the pieces grouped so they will be resized proportionate to each other so it will all fit together correctly. I put all the pieces on one mat to ensure they would all be grouped together and sized correctly. The next castle I make and video tape will be using more layers and a larger castle.
These are all the cuts on one mat. I used cardstock that I never use for practice.
This is the center of the castle. I used my martha stewart board to mark all the folds. It worked super good. You have to glue the small flap to the inside. when you have the towers all made you slide the other piece over the two. You need to insert the paper flaps into the slits on the towers. This helps for placement too. Makes the castle more solid.
For gluing the flaps together I use my pointy tweezers to hold them together until it holds.
This is the whole inside put together. Now I need to build the walls.
These are the front and back walls.  Connected with the corners posts. Then you just add these two to the completed center piece. After that put the final two sides on. The corner posts do need to be a certain was so that the side walls will connect in the slots. So just make sure that the posts are in the right position before connecting everything. A finished picture of my first castle can be found on another post. Let me know if you have further questions about this. I am also planning to do another video (with audio) of a bigger castle and 3 different colors so stay tuned for that!

3-D princess castle instructions

Here is a link to a works document that has written instructions for the keys and paper colors to use to make this awesome castle.

I have pictures elsewhere on my blog on my assembly of the castle and I will also add my roof assembly video today (*I have to edit it to under 10 minutes for youtube)

Hope this helps. Feel free to email me or comment with questions or suggestions.



New lighting

I have been so sick of the BAD lighting in my scrap corner in my basement so......on day I went hunting around my garage for an unused flourescent light to hang from the ceiling. I found one that I brought in and I had to clean it up. I did such a good job hanging that thing. I even used the secure sheetrock things that you're supposed to use so the light is pretty secure (*crossing my fingers) and shouldn't fall on my head. What this videos (*when I ever do make one) and my photos will be much better to see for all you viewers who stop by my blog!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I used fondant on the entire cake. I used colored fondant for the
flowers. For the flower shapes I cut them from the cricut with paper
and used the shaped as a template to cut out of fondant with a craft
blade. I made this for my neighbor who isn't feeling so well.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I followed my gps to ckc Manchester new Hampshire from Hollis Maine. I always worry with the gps that it's going to get me lost but it didn't. I drove around for half an hour looking for a vacant spot in a parking garage. I finally called ckc and they connected me to the garage and they told me where to park. I wish I had done that first. When I got there I didn't really know where but I followed the crowd and found my way. I checked in at the volunteer desk and got all my volunteer goodies. I went to ckc booth and spent my volunteer $30 there first and half off a shirt. I only spent $7 for tons of stuff. I got a couple kits and some books. Next I headed to my volunteer 4 hour shift. You don't get to choose who u get to volunteer but boy was I lucky because I got the S.E.I. classes! I have been wanting to check out the sei stuff. I didn't get any of the class materials but I did get to learn new techniques and help out others. I had so much fun volunteering!!! I think I will sign up to volunteer all day next year! I took the fabulous flower technique class and I really didn't care for it. It was mostly about the I-Top tool. I had only half an hour to go to the vendor faire. I was really upset that there was nothing from cricut. I needed new mats and I wanted to get them there. There were so many booths to look at and so many super duper sales!!!! I was in heavean for half an hour. The long walk to my car was aweful because I had so much stuff I was carrying on my back and hands.