Friday, June 24, 2011

Rock princess

My order came today and rock princess was in it. I used the font to make a poster for at the end of the road for my daughters grad party. I used the heart font and used paper from JT imagine cart. I will include pic in next post. I have to send it from my iphone.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My new grandson

I have a new grandbaby! He was born last sunday 6-12-11. He weighed 8.9lbs. My daughter had to take medicine throughout her pregnancy for an illness and now the baby is in the nicu for another week due to withdrawals. He is fine otherwise he just needs a little help for a bit. His name us JJ and he is the sweetest angel. I was there to see him be born and i even cut his cord. His father is a bit of a sissy and cant handle that kind of! I havent been to see JJ for a few days due to him being in the nicu i cant bring my little one in and she is always with me. I will post a pic of him in a bit.

Heather Dumond

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New buys

I hit it big with the lottery this week. Well big for me. I never win anything either. The most I've ever won is $500 ten years ago. I won $1000 on a lottery raffle. I have already spent most of it at of course! I finally bought rock princess and create a critter. They were the cartridge and cuttlebug companion bundles. I ordered some cuttlebug borders and some quilling kits for the cuttlebug. I also renewed my circle membership. I took advantage of the early renew special. I am going to need new ink for the imagine one of these days so I was going to order the ink and paper bundle but it was sold out. I check what was in rewards and sure enough there is ink in the rewards for 500 points. I only had enough to get one but when my new carts come in or the points from membership activate I will have enough for the one ink. I can't believe how long the ink lasts. I also moved my scrap area to a room now. I will need to get a space heater for this room in the winter but I like that my stuff is all in one room and it's private for when I do videos. My imagine is still upstairs with my computer but I am going to put my cake down in the room. I will do video showing all my stuff I bought and my new room.

Happy scrapping and happy summer!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Painted cricut imagine

I removed the end caps and the front tab thing and spray painted them with purple valspar perfect finish spray paint from Lowes.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Craftroom and cricut imagine

My first attempt at cutting with my imagine using craftroom software was not successful. It would print but not cut. The imagine would spit the paper out the front after printing. I think its a driver problem. I am using windows vista operating system on my computer. I sent my feedback to provocraft hopefully this gets fixed soon.