Sunday, March 21, 2010

sad news

I was cleaning my pond of dead fish in my backyard and my iphone fell in. I did get it out but it got too wet and is not working. I was using my iphone to post pictures to my blog so that's why I haven't been posting pictures lately. I am hoping to get a new iphone for my birthday may 29. Until then I will have to use my regular them to my computer....resize them.....then upload them to blogger. Such a horrid process when I used to just click and upload with my iphone. Those of you out there who are owners of an iphone know my pain and sadness.

Goodnight All,


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SweetSassyDiva said...

ha ha that's what I have to do to post on my blog! also an added step of adding a water mark to them. LOL Great to see that you are enjoying your gypsy.

My blog aka Gypsy spot is:

you might love the 12x24 mat I know I do! :)