Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tons of orders

I made tons of internet orders on a few websites over the weekend. I got a decent webcam with a microphone for $5 from Amazon. I got that in the mail today. I liked it so much that I ordered one for each of my 2 older children for an easter present...I ordered them today after I opened mine. I ordered a new cell phone case for my new iphone and got that yesterday. It's a pretty purple flip case. It's going to take some getting used to but it will protect my phone which is totally important for me. I ordered that from which is awesome website and cheap cheap discounts. Super fast shipping too. I was browsing and found another case for my iphone purple for $2. I was forced to buy I was on searching for little things for a gift bag at my daughter's bday april 19 and I started browsing the scrapbook sections and I ordered a truckload of stuff. I ordered from finally. I have been wanting to try their paper. I ordered some stuff from Gosh I probably have a few more coming that I forgot about too. LOL. The shipping costs weren't too bad either at each of these places. If just happen to be looking for adhesive cd cases, I bought some for the family business. I got 1,000 adhesive cd sleeves for $119.00 and 13.99 shipping from There are some other stuff that they carry specifically for scrapbookers too. I just thought I would mention this item too.

Happy Shopping,


P.S. my hubby will probably take my credit card!

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