Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cricut vs fruit rollup

Ok so I got this idea the other watching robyns video. She cut out
shapes with something not so edible using the cricut cake. So I
wondered if I could cut a fruit rollup with my cricut expression. I
went to the dollar tree and bought 7 boxes with 10 in each box. I
needed plenty of them to work with! They are yummy kiwi strawberry
too. So last night I scrubbed off the adhesive from one of my old
mats. I put the fruit rollup on the mat. I moved the rubber roller
things in the machine to the sides so they don't get yucky. I used my
deep cut blade set at 6 full pressure. It cut like a dream!! I just
need to check that my blade didn't get yucky. Oh another thing, I used
goo gone to get the sticky off the mat.

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TypicalScrapbooker said...

Neat-O I will have to give this a try !! Thanks !