Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Son update

He has developed an infection in his face so he has been given antibiotics and we are staying an extra day or two. Meanwhile, since We've been in Boston, my 20 year old daughter and her two kids have moved back in for a little while. We definitely have a full house now.

So I have been blog hopping and getting inspiration for a project when I get home. I am going to make back to school cards for all the kids in the family. My two and my nieces and nephews. I wish I had my gypsy with me.


flowerdisco said...

awww! and you guys were almost home. But, you know it is better than happened when you guys were still there and not having to go home and come back. He will be taking good care of that too.
Hugs dear!

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG, I'm so sorry to hear that about your son. I'm praying he has a quick recovery!