Sunday, March 27, 2011

Imagine is on it's way and family update

So my awesome hubby let me charge the imagine on his credit card. It should be here by friday the latest. Maybe I will share a video of me opening and testing it. I would like to try out my new tripod for my camera. I have all my cricut circle cartridges listed on ebay. I sold one and the others are being watched so I am pretty sure they will sell.

My oldest son is, again, cancer free. Or so they say "remission".  He will forever be disabled though due to the surgery he had on his jaw. The muscle and nerves to his left arm were cut and damaged during surgery. Now he is in pain constantly and cannot move his arm a lot. He went through help getting his mobility back in his arm, but it didn't improve. He is young and I'm sure he will adapt. He is in good spirits and is almost back to normal healthwise and putting on some weight. We spent some time together today posting all his old collectible shirts on ebay after I posted my stuff. It was great to have some quality time just the two of us. I taught him a thing or two on ebay and photobucket. I am also a web designer so I have tricks up my sleeve to avoid ebay fees. I think he really enjoyed spending time with me.

Good evening everyone,


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Audrey Frelx said...

Congrats on ordering your Imagine. I think you'll love it!

Good news that your son is in remission!!! I love good news like that!