Friday, April 8, 2011

Imagine stuff

I have to say that the imagine carts are so cool and beautiful. I didnt think i wanted or needed on when it first came out and wasnt impressed. The more i saw done with it and saw the art and patterns really started to perk my interest. Wow when that price dropped last week it was like a gift to myself almost. I sold my old espression for $150 and sold some other carts and they paid for the imagine!! I have been beta testing the cricut craftroom software and cant wait for the full cuttable version. If you havent had the chance to use it, you are going to love it. It blows design studio away!! They say its going to be free too. How cool is that. Especially with the money we spend on their products. They said in a press release that we r going to be able to use our own images--maybe svg!! Ive been collecting and creating svg so i hope this is the case. CCR starts up way faster than DSS! I love being a beta tester and i would love to do it for a job. I told my hubby that i think i found my calling to be a tester and technical help person. I love figuring out technical stuff and i love computers.

Last post today i promise
Goodnight everyone!

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