Monday, August 1, 2011

Cool storage tip

This one comes from a friend of mine. She and her hubby make jewelry and this is how they store their beads. They have a bulletin board hung up on the wall and have the beads all separated into little baggies. They are put up on the board with tacks. I saw this and i thought it would work with small scrapping supplies too: ribbon, beads, eyelets, brads, even carts. Placed in an easy to access area. This friend of mine has a cricut expression that i sold to her when i got my imagine. I also gave her a bunch of carts with it. She has had it for months and never used it. So i finally went over the other day and showed her how to use it. She is totally addicted to cricut now. She made a project for a baby shower gift and she got a lot of compliments. I love that now we share the love of cricut. I also taught her a bit of cricut craftroom this weekend too. I used my account to show her how to use it. Im hoping that craftroom will be open to all very soon. I cant believe how long its taking them. The worst part is that it seems like they take less time testing products they sell just so they can release it and make money, but now they have something free with not too many bugs and they r taking forever to release it. I hate to be negative but once in a while i have to jump on that bandwagon.

Have a great week crafters!

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