Saturday, April 30, 2011

With cover

More ribbon pix

Storing ribbon

I did this totally by accident too. I places the ribbon on the empty cd spindle on my desk and it fit perfectly. I am going to fill it up and then to keep them dust free i will put the spindle cover on it. Isnt that neat!! I hvent seen this before.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Card for a friend

Inside says "i've been tinking about you". I really miss my friend so im sending a card her way. I used patterned paper for the background but used shapes from imagine to cut. Tink is colored and cut with imagine. Tinks black background layer is black cardstock cut with imagine. I decorated wings and pom pom on shoes with stickles.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

just saying hi

HI--this week on the 19th my youngest girl turned 5. Where do the years go? Seems like I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. I had a bunch of family over for a party. This week is also vacation week from the schools. So I had a heck of a lot of kids here all week and I got no crafting done. Not true--I calibrated my imagine and I had to do the advanced calibration and it took a long time. I also ordered two more carts--JT and imagine more cards. I probably won't be buying anymore for a while since I'm supposed to be on a spending ban. I have been busy getting my machines to work right alone and together; my imagine and gypsy. I've spent some time asking questions on the messageboard. So far the only problem I still have is getting my gypsy to open an older imagine file. The new files I make will open just not the first ones I made. Oh well, no big deal. At least now my imagine will cut with the gypsy. It kept restarting and not cutting when I wanted to cut with my gypsy. After updating both machines it works now. By the way it was snowing today. I'm glad I got out and played yesterday while it was in the 60's. Happy Easter everyone!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

One more thing

Another great thing about imagine carts is that all the colors and papers are coordinating which i am aweful at myself. Now i have a coordinating genius


Imagine stuff

I have to say that the imagine carts are so cool and beautiful. I didnt think i wanted or needed on when it first came out and wasnt impressed. The more i saw done with it and saw the art and patterns really started to perk my interest. Wow when that price dropped last week it was like a gift to myself almost. I sold my old espression for $150 and sold some other carts and they paid for the imagine!! I have been beta testing the cricut craftroom software and cant wait for the full cuttable version. If you havent had the chance to use it, you are going to love it. It blows design studio away!! They say its going to be free too. How cool is that. Especially with the money we spend on their products. They said in a press release that we r going to be able to use our own images--maybe svg!! Ive been collecting and creating svg so i hope this is the case. CCR starts up way faster than DSS! I love being a beta tester and i would love to do it for a job. I told my hubby that i think i found my calling to be a tester and technical help person. I love figuring out technical stuff and i love computers.

Last post today i promise
Goodnight everyone!

Imagine first time use

So i thought since i did the initial setup on the imagine that it was all updated and ready to work with my Gypsy--not. I needed to connect it to my computer and run cricut sync. This was a bit confusing and took some time to do. A few times it said to restart imagine on cricut sync but imagine wasnt off so i just left it alone and do its thing. This is a big part of the updates is just being patient and waiting. There is a point where u do need to power on the imagine. I think i even restarted my cricut sync. I wish i wrote this when it was fresh in my mind. There was a point where my computer asked to insert disk to install device driver. There is no disk to put in. I said to locate on internet. I dont think it foumd it online. But i think once everything ran it course the driver was installed automatically anyway i think when i restarted cricut sync. After that i made sure my gypsy was all up to date and it was. Then i connected my gypsy to the imagine to load my carts. Connect gypsy to imagine with cord. Open imagine app on gypsy. Click manage carts. Click add. Plug cart into imagine and wait for it to load images on imagine. Then click ok or next on the gypsy. It should then start the progress bar on G. It takes a few minutes or more to add cart. Complete process until all carts are added. I did a quick project to test it. I had to plug cart into imagine to cut and push go on imagine to print and cut. So as far as i can tell the imagine carts dont get permanently limked to gypsy like other cricut carts. I am not totally sure about this but nowhere says that they are permamently linked.i asked on the messageboard. I may have missed something but im pretty sure thats all the stuff i did.

Imagine mat tip

The mat that came with the machine wasnt sticky at all. I was really upset. It at least was sticky enough to calibrate and setup the machine. After i finished setting up the machine i called customer service. I love provocraft customer service. A few years ago i bought a bad mat and they replaced it. They really stand by their products. Okay so CS told me i needed to activate the adhesive on the mat. I soaked it in hot water for a few minutes and then let it air dry. Then I used my spatula to rough up the surface. He said to use scraper but i dont have one. Then i put it aside for day or so. When i used it tonight it worked like a dream. I am so happy!! Although i did order more mats in the meantime in case it didnt work. I guess i needed more mats anyway.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just got my imagine

My carts came too. I have a short video opening the BOXES of the imagine.