Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy new year

Happy new year! I survived the holidays! I have been focused on my new hobby lately--pendant making. I have been making glass and scrabble tile pendants. I have been having so much fun making these. I use photos and embellished scrapbook paper and stickers for them. I put diamond glaze and crystal lacquer on them to make it looked encased in the glass. I will post a picture of one. I made a lot of them with my grandparents picture. My family lost both of them this summer one month apart and it was a big loss for the family. I made the pendant necklaces for xmas presents.


Loraly "The Smexy Smife" Macapagal said...

I`m really sorry for your loss. I can`t imagine losing two parents so close in time. My mom is turning 83 this year, My dad is 75. I really dread the day that one of them would have to live without the other. They will be honeymooners for 49 years this year. There`s no other way to describe them. Saying`just, `married` is a total understatement for them. My dad still draws hearts with my mom`s name on it. And my mom always needs a cuddle from my dad to make her feel better when she`s sick or sad.
I`m just looking forward to when paradise comes and no one ever dies again.
I wanted to ask, why you use diamond glaze AND crystal lacquer at the same time. Is that to keep the picture from turning yellowÉ (Sorry, I`m using a French keyboard and I can`t find the question mark.)
How did you keep this medium in one place and not have it spread all over the work surfaceÉ Did you have it in a mold like an ice cube trayÉ
Thank you

Gemini-Heather said...

I adhered the photo to a glass square tile. I ordered them from ebay. I first covered the photo front and back with mod podge. I adhered photo to rough side of glass tile using diamond glaze or crystal lacquer. I use one or the other. They r both relatively the same except the lacquer is less expensive. After the photo is adhered to glass i let it dry. Usually overnight. Then i trim photo so it looks good and i cover with glaze or lacquer. I sometimes add another layer after the first hardens. I have been making lots of these and have purchased tons of product. I have also used pretty stickers in place of a photo.

My grandparents were both the same age and were together since teenagers. I am truly at peace knowing they are not sick anymore and that they are together for eternity.