Monday, January 10, 2011


It's another Monday. I have been babysitting my friend's little one since October just to have a little extra money for my IPHONE and my scrapbooking. She is just the best little girl ever. I also have my 4 year old girl home too. They get along so well with each other. The baby loves my beagle pup too. He loves her too cause she's always dropping snacks for him. I have been spending most of my craft time making pendants. My sister has my Gypsy so I haven't been using my cricut. I hate dealing with carts and I won't use my cricut without my G. My sister was reluctant to use my Gypsy but I have converted her to a G user. I am looking out for an inexpensive G (under $100) to get her for her birthday cause she will not buy anything for herself. She has three kids and always buys stuff for them and never for herself. I heard M's had a G for $50 but I have yet to make my way there yet. I have till march to find one for her. As soon as I get my G back from her I want to cut out a turtle and make a pendant with it. My niece love turtles and wants a turtle pendant. Maybe I will make a video tutorial of how I make them. They aren't as easy as you might think. The bubbles are terrible and ruin the project. So you gotta chase the dreaded bubbles away.

Peace and Love,


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