Saturday, February 20, 2010

cricut stamps

Okay so I bought the right deep cut blade housing. I thought you just put the deep cut blade in the same green housing as the other one. I also found a stickier mat too. It didn't work still. Almost broke my machine again. So my son and I decided to cut a stamp ourselves.

So my son picked out a design he liked and we cut it in vinyl. I stuck the stamp material to my glass mat which worked out awesome cause it held the stamp stuff in place. I put the adhesive vinyl shape on top of the stamp stuff. I then cut it out with an exacto blade and some of the cricut tools. When it was time to stamp with it, it came out AWESOME!! One way or another I was going to make a stamp with that damn stuff. It really didn't take long to cut it out either. It also cut very easily with the exacto blade. My son was stamping everything with it. He thinks its great and is planning the next stamp to make.

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