Friday, February 5, 2010


I am so surprised. My friend finally gave me the money she owes me today and It's enough to buy the last two items on my TO GET list. Add to that surprise, my husband let me use the credit card to buy the items online. I found a super deal on the Gypsy at It's $199!!! Can you believe it!!! So I got to order that and 4 refills for my glue glider pro and some other little things. All of it for $260. I am so happy I am practically jumping up and down. I can't stop smiling. Only 5-7 days for them to get here.

I also finished the blanket I was working on for the past few days. I took a bunch of cricut cuts and used them as stencils to cut fabric. Then I appliqued them onto my daughter's favorite blanket. I absolutely love how it came out!! I am thinking about making some more to sell at my yard sale this summer. I will take a picture and post it in a few minutes.

Have a sweet night,


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