Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I updated some of my blog posts. As I learn more about how to use this blog I need to go back a fix some things about previous posts. So that is what I did today. I went back and resized a lot of my pictures. More specifically if resized the pix in the post "old projects". I was so upset that they were huge and you couldn't see the whole picture. My very first post "newbie" I also updated and added a few things to it if you wanna go back and check it out.

My hand is doing good. I took one of the stitches out cause it was just hideous. I could have done better stitches than the ones the doctor did except for the fact that I can't stitch with my right hand. I am left-handed and that's the one I injured. THAT FIGURES!! I will probably take the rest out in the next day or two. I couldn't really do anything with my hand the first day, but after that I have better mobility so I can do all my stuff now. INCLUDING CRAFTS!

Hmmmm....anything that I'm forgetting to update.....I have been blogging for a month and I am loving it. I can't wait to get more followers and more comments. I also want to start posting more about the projects that I am doing. It's only my first month so there is more to come in the months ahead.
Remember....smiles are contagious!


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