Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I decided to try cutting fabric with the cricut. My daughter got a nice plain jean jacket for xmas. I want to add some embellishments to it and make it super cute and girly since she is such a sweet little girlie girl. I ironed the fusible interfacing to the fabric placed it on the cutting mat, fabric side down, pressure max, blade depth 5, speed mediumish. I chose a fairly easy butterfly with black out cause I don't need all the extra cuts inside for the fabric. It cut alright; not perfect. I did have to help finish cutting it out with my exacto blade. I also cut the little pieces to put on the butterfly; the circles and lines. Oh and I also got this butterfly from Walk in My Garden cartridge; might be helpful to know. I think it was butterfly 2 or something I can remember now. So I took the paper backing off the design and ironed it onto the jacket and I was upset that it didn't stay adhered. Maybe it was the jean, maybe the interfacing brand, maybe interfacing was too old? Who knows? So I ended up stitching the design to the jacket which looks awesome so I like that I had to do it. I used fabric paint markers to add a cute face. I stamped the face on first with my peachy keen stamps and then I painted over with the markers. I also added some yellow glittery fabric puff paint on the wings. I will go take a picture of it and send it to my blog in a few minutes.

I then wanted to do more with the cricut and fabric. I decided I wanted to put my little girl's name on her favorite softy blankie. I figured an easier way to do this would be to cut her name out of cardstock and use it as a template to trace on the fabric and then hand cut with scissors. It worked great! I will send a pic when I get that project finished.

So my final comment on the cricut cutting fabric would be that maybe the next time I will try using the markers to draw on the fabric and then I can hand cut it with my scissors and exacto blade. I am also going to buy another brand of fusible interfacing. I see on a lot of other's blogs that they are using Wonder Under so I am going to get that kind if I can find it.

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