Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Martha Stewart Score Board

Okay! So, my Michael's did have the score board. I called the day before and the girl said they didn't have them. Well I went to the store with my 60% off coupon in hand looking for a heat gun. I came to the martha stewart stuff--THERE IT WAS--the martha score board!!! I was practically jumping up and down in the aisle I was so happy. I guess my Mike's isn't that sucky after all which is what I said in a previous post. It was like $9 with my coupon....I am so happy!! I used it to make my 48 valentine cards and it's awesome!!! I love love love it!!! (I am a little happy with the martha board) So I got to check one more thing off my NEED TO GET list. I have the gypsy and glue glider pro refills left on my list. Of course I have another small list of things that I also wanna get and probably will get before the NEED TO GET list items. Oh I make any anybody even reading this I sound the way I am having a superb day and I hope you are too.




Anonymous said...

I got one too!!! Have you tried? I did, and love it.

Gemini-Heather said...

yeah i've been using it almost everyday since i bought it...I love it and it's so easy to use. My 3 year old has even been using it to make her's so cute.