Saturday, February 13, 2010

got my gypsy

I got my gypsy yesterday. I updated it and updated my cricut expression. I also loaded all my cartridges on it. It was pretty easy too. The George cartridge loaded differently than the other carts. You have to hook the gypsy up to the cricut and then put the george cart in the cricut and when the gypsy asks to load the cart say yes and then click on the george button at the bottom of the screen and follow all the on screen instructions. It worked perfectly for me the first time. I just decided to add this bit of information because I read on the messageboard that a lot of people are having trouble loading the george cart. Also, make sure the load cartridge cord is fully connect to the gypsy. I also had that issue. It wouldn't read the carts and then i pushed it in fully and it read the carts no problem. I didn't come across any other issues. I did play around with it a little bit. I haven't cut anything with it yet. I absolutely love the gypsy font and the gypsy wanderings carts that are preloaded on the gypsy. I am going to love not having to plug in my carts and search for the keypad everytime i do a project. Thats the best part about the gypsy i think.

Now I have a question for you:  can I bring my gypsy to my mom's house and use it with her machine or do i need to still bring my carts to use with her machine?

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