Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camera with flash

Here's a camera with flash. I think it's just George and accent essentials carts. I will upload the file in about an hour.

Here's the layout of the pieces on the mat without the flash I added that after but it's obvious it's the flash. I also grouped the silver together so its just one piece in the end result file.

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Filmstrip layout

Here is what it looks like. I did end up putting green behind the pix cause they were too small. I will post the file soon.

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New design

I made a filmstrip Gypsy file. I will post the file to download and finished layout later tonight.

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I hope this works.

Four frames

I made four frames on one 12x12 mat from my gypsy file.

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Hearts background

I made this from one of my gypsy files. It's all kind of hearts from tons of cartridges mixed together.

I did change the file up a bit from this picture but not much.

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Mermaid layout

I made this page using a gypsy file of mine with all the pieces layed out on one sheet. I will include the gypsy file when I figure it out.

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Stazon ink

Stazon really stays on your page but also your stamp. I recommend buying a stamp cleaner if you decide to use stazon ink. As you can see in the picture I use stazon for my faces.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gypsy on multiple machines

I just did some digging today and found out that you can indeed use the gypsy with multiple cricuts.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

first blog video.m4v

This is a very amateur video. Ha ha. Please be nice its my first one. I was just testing making sure I know how to post my videos when the important ones are ready to post. My dd's music is playing in background.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cricut stamps continued

Ok so I finally bought new cutting mats today. It's been over a year since I've had new mats. I read somewhere online that you need brand new mats to use the stamp material. When I got home I tried cutting the stamp again--with success!!!

So totally important info to know before cutting stamps:

1. Use deep cut blade AND the deep blade housing.

2. Use brand spankin' new mat. ( I read online that even trying to place another stamp sheet in the same spot will not work) use fresh new spot.

Here's a picture the finished stamp used on a project with white embossing powder.

Have a lovely night!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My first squash album

I decided last night to make my first squash album. I was looking for something fun and interesting to make for a special little girl I know that's not feeling so well these days. I decorated it some leaving some spots for her to finish herself. I am also sending some paper and stickers along so she has some stuff to work with to finish the book!

I also included a spinner with pictures underneath for some added fun features of herself and her family! There are also hidden tags with special phrases of encouragement on them.

See you soon "K"


This says "heart" from Heather

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

cricut stamps

Okay so I bought the right deep cut blade housing. I thought you just put the deep cut blade in the same green housing as the other one. I also found a stickier mat too. It didn't work still. Almost broke my machine again. So my son and I decided to cut a stamp ourselves.

So my son picked out a design he liked and we cut it in vinyl. I stuck the stamp material to my glass mat which worked out awesome cause it held the stamp stuff in place. I put the adhesive vinyl shape on top of the stamp stuff. I then cut it out with an exacto blade and some of the cricut tools. When it was time to stamp with it, it came out AWESOME!! One way or another I was going to make a stamp with that damn stuff. It really didn't take long to cut it out either. It also cut very easily with the exacto blade. My son was stamping everything with it. He thinks its great and is planning the next stamp to make.

Good Day,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cricut stamp material

I tried making a stamp with the stamp kit for the cricut. It was not so good and almost broke my cricut. I don't dare to try it again. My first attempt was using the recommended setting and it barely cut the material. I changed the settings the second time and the rubber lifted off the mat and wrapped around the blade. Then my cricut acted funny and I thought it was broken until I restarted it. I don't think I will try it again.

Maybe I will after I read more on the Internet about this.


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New pages

Here are some finished scrapbook pages I made using the gypsy. I just can't express how much I love the gypsy. I have been so busy playing with it and scrapbooking and also this is vacation week for my kids.


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love my gypsy

I used my gypsy finally to cut with and made a layout with it. I absolutely 100% love it and I am so glad that I got it. I was able to use my small pieces of scraps. I knew exactly how big the item was going to be before I cut it. What an amazing tool is all I have to say.

Happy cutting,


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Gypsy pic

My new gypsy and totally cute cover.

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got my gypsy

I got my gypsy yesterday. I updated it and updated my cricut expression. I also loaded all my cartridges on it. It was pretty easy too. The George cartridge loaded differently than the other carts. You have to hook the gypsy up to the cricut and then put the george cart in the cricut and when the gypsy asks to load the cart say yes and then click on the george button at the bottom of the screen and follow all the on screen instructions. It worked perfectly for me the first time. I just decided to add this bit of information because I read on the messageboard that a lot of people are having trouble loading the george cart. Also, make sure the load cartridge cord is fully connect to the gypsy. I also had that issue. It wouldn't read the carts and then i pushed it in fully and it read the carts no problem. I didn't come across any other issues. I did play around with it a little bit. I haven't cut anything with it yet. I absolutely love the gypsy font and the gypsy wanderings carts that are preloaded on the gypsy. I am going to love not having to plug in my carts and search for the keypad everytime i do a project. Thats the best part about the gypsy i think.

Now I have a question for you:  can I bring my gypsy to my mom's house and use it with her machine or do i need to still bring my carts to use with her machine?

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm done

I got the last few things on my list today. Even better, I got to use the 60% off coupons at M's. I got a heat gun, embossing powder, and embossing pens. This means that I'm done shopping for a while. Now I can start using my stuff and making tutorial and such. I'm so looking forward to making videos.

Happy crafting!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Finished blanket pics


I hand embroidered the face, head, and body.

I used lifes a beach for the mermaids, dolphins,and waves. Storybook jumbo for the letters and I think the flowers. Hand drawn heart.

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I am so surprised. My friend finally gave me the money she owes me today and It's enough to buy the last two items on my TO GET list. Add to that surprise, my husband let me use the credit card to buy the items online. I found a super deal on the Gypsy at It's $199!!! Can you believe it!!! So I got to order that and 4 refills for my glue glider pro and some other little things. All of it for $260. I am so happy I am practically jumping up and down. I can't stop smiling. Only 5-7 days for them to get here.

I also finished the blanket I was working on for the past few days. I took a bunch of cricut cuts and used them as stencils to cut fabric. Then I appliqued them onto my daughter's favorite blanket. I absolutely love how it came out!! I am thinking about making some more to sell at my yard sale this summer. I will take a picture and post it in a few minutes.

Have a sweet night,


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I updated some of my blog posts. As I learn more about how to use this blog I need to go back a fix some things about previous posts. So that is what I did today. I went back and resized a lot of my pictures. More specifically if resized the pix in the post "old projects". I was so upset that they were huge and you couldn't see the whole picture. My very first post "newbie" I also updated and added a few things to it if you wanna go back and check it out.

My hand is doing good. I took one of the stitches out cause it was just hideous. I could have done better stitches than the ones the doctor did except for the fact that I can't stitch with my right hand. I am left-handed and that's the one I injured. THAT FIGURES!! I will probably take the rest out in the next day or two. I couldn't really do anything with my hand the first day, but after that I have better mobility so I can do all my stuff now. INCLUDING CRAFTS!

Hmmmm....anything that I'm forgetting to update.....I have been blogging for a month and I am loving it. I can't wait to get more followers and more comments. I also want to start posting more about the projects that I am doing. It's only my first month so there is more to come in the months ahead.
Remember....smiles are contagious!


Cricut cut fabric butterfly

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Martha Stewart Score Board

Okay! So, my Michael's did have the score board. I called the day before and the girl said they didn't have them. Well I went to the store with my 60% off coupon in hand looking for a heat gun. I came to the martha stewart stuff--THERE IT WAS--the martha score board!!! I was practically jumping up and down in the aisle I was so happy. I guess my Mike's isn't that sucky after all which is what I said in a previous post. It was like $9 with my coupon....I am so happy!! I used it to make my 48 valentine cards and it's awesome!!! I love love love it!!! (I am a little happy with the martha board) So I got to check one more thing off my NEED TO GET list. I have the gypsy and glue glider pro refills left on my list. Of course I have another small list of things that I also wanna get and probably will get before the NEED TO GET list items. Oh I make any anybody even reading this I sound the way I am having a superb day and I hope you are too.




I decided to try cutting fabric with the cricut. My daughter got a nice plain jean jacket for xmas. I want to add some embellishments to it and make it super cute and girly since she is such a sweet little girlie girl. I ironed the fusible interfacing to the fabric placed it on the cutting mat, fabric side down, pressure max, blade depth 5, speed mediumish. I chose a fairly easy butterfly with black out cause I don't need all the extra cuts inside for the fabric. It cut alright; not perfect. I did have to help finish cutting it out with my exacto blade. I also cut the little pieces to put on the butterfly; the circles and lines. Oh and I also got this butterfly from Walk in My Garden cartridge; might be helpful to know. I think it was butterfly 2 or something I can remember now. So I took the paper backing off the design and ironed it onto the jacket and I was upset that it didn't stay adhered. Maybe it was the jean, maybe the interfacing brand, maybe interfacing was too old? Who knows? So I ended up stitching the design to the jacket which looks awesome so I like that I had to do it. I used fabric paint markers to add a cute face. I stamped the face on first with my peachy keen stamps and then I painted over with the markers. I also added some yellow glittery fabric puff paint on the wings. I will go take a picture of it and send it to my blog in a few minutes.

I then wanted to do more with the cricut and fabric. I decided I wanted to put my little girl's name on her favorite softy blankie. I figured an easier way to do this would be to cut her name out of cardstock and use it as a template to trace on the fabric and then hand cut with scissors. It worked great! I will send a pic when I get that project finished.

So my final comment on the cricut cutting fabric would be that maybe the next time I will try using the markers to draw on the fabric and then I can hand cut it with my scissors and exacto blade. I am also going to buy another brand of fusible interfacing. I see on a lot of other's blogs that they are using Wonder Under so I am going to get that kind if I can find it.

Bye for now,

FREE--Digi Scrap Program & Web Goodies

I was lurking around my favorite blogs this morning and I saw something about Serif Digital Scrapbooking program. I found a free version of this program I would like to share with you all. I haven't really tried it out but I seems very cool and does a lot of stuff.So here's the web address for the program. There is also some information about the program on this page too: .  Also for more goodies I joined . It works along with the Serif program which is nice and EASY. Lots of FREE goodies too. I LOVE FREE THINGS.

Have a great day!